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Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!
 I had decided to go with Levi to Viva Las Vegas last minuet. I was just not sure I was up for it, however knowing many of my dear friends from all over the world, from Iceland to Japan to Europe would be there I could not miss it. It was so exciting to see Levi and the Rockats live with all my dear friends front row and center. The Original Levi and the Rockats had not reformed in over 35 years. Sadly the original drummer had passed a way a couple of years ago. I was lucky enough to meet him at the Ace Cafe. What a lovely man he was. It puts things in perspective, It is so important to get together with friends and celebrate the wonderful friendships along with music and lifestyle that we all share. The Levi and the Rockats performance was by far the most AMAZING rockabilly show i have ever seen, and i have seen a lot of bands! They were all on top form, sounding and looking AMAZING! As if time stood still… They still got it and even MORE so! 

It was also life changing experience for me.. I had no idea how many people I have influenced. It took years for me to understand the gravity of how the pin up movement had changed since I first posted a photo. It was a phanominon really. I was instantly thrust to the top, but feeling buried in a sea of aspiring pin ups. So many aspiring pin ups contacted me to ask how to get started. I always generously shared links, encouragement, and tips. Sadly over the years I noticed rarely would any mention me in interviews and gave credit pin ups past. I felt I was in the shadows. It made me think if I was not mentioned I did not exist, there for they could rise to the top.… That is how i have felt it may be wrong, but it is my honest feelings.… So I had literally stepped back. At Viva las Vegas there was a sea of BEAUTIFUL pin up girls who surround me to meet me to have a photo and thank me for inspiring them. It was a bit of a shock, the newest generation is not leaving me behind and for that i am so so so grateful and even more humbled. The Miss Viva Pin up Girl contestants were just AMAZING to me. Gracious, beautiful, kind and respectful. I LOVED meeting them all. The next thing i know I was pulled aside by the  The Miss Viva Pin up Girl contest documentary film maker saying "we have been looking for you everywhere!"  "All the contestants have mentioned you as their influence" "We had to meet the pin up EVERYONE is talking about". How amazing did that make me feel =D, words can not explain.. I have really been lifted and felt recharged. I literally had the BEST time meeting and greeting the amazing people & ladies of the Miss Viva Las Vegas Pin Up contest. I want to thank each an every one of you.
I also want to thank the amazing women, pin up girls, models ect., not involved in the contest but just there to enjoy the weekend, who stopped me for a photo and hugs, all those warm welcoming hugs made me so happy. All the ladies i met looked amazing, so many beautiful models & rockabilly girls from all over the map. You just made my weekend so happy! 
 I am just so grateful for all the love. I have ALOT of love for you all.



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