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Transparency Personally & Business

Hi Everyone,

It has been a true struggle to keep this business going over the past 2 years.  It started with my mother in law being put in care home with dementia. It is why we sold our dream home & moved to England. It did initially take the pressure off, but things just spired downward... I have pawned my jewelry & been selling lots of my personal items and having sales on the website to help fund the production. I have never felt bad about any of it . I have absolutely no regrets what so ever. I just want to give you all the reality of what is in fact happening behind the scenes. I have always been transparent about everything in my life and business. That being saidI have been having lots of special deals and discount codes during the horrible Covid times as a way to support the family in USA that has been making my dresses in the USA since 2007 as well as the the family owned company in India and of course my self  to keep a roof over my head and a place to ship from.

Information to help you understand

When I have sales like offering wholesale I do not make much for me to support myself however it does get enough cash to keep the invoices paid. A few people have abused policy so it really makes it hard to go forward with the wonderful promotions I have created for you all. I pray I can keep this little dress company I am running all by myself a float beyond these covid times.

My wish is that people abide by the policies and that magically I can keep a float thru the covid storm.

I was planing of completely dropping wholesale and then lowering retail price reasonable enough to keep you all excited & where  I can still  survive and keep both my factories busy as well. The information for you to know when and if that transition is made I won't be having sales as you know them..


That all being said I appreciate each and every one of you amazing customers.

I do some have exciting news! I have a new Dress style in the works in a new print out of USA and several new prints in India and they will all be on pre order soon ❤️


Bernie Dexter


After all the hurtful storms on social media. To be honestI don't read much because there is no sense in reading false accusations that are hurtful.  I have made it thru and confidently because I know m heart ❤️ and I know where I come from.

My mother taught me at a young age the quote below.. 

“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”

― Edgar Allan Poe 





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